GOLD + ODIN is a faceted artistic collaboration between Amanda Espy and Dane Sandborg. The two create a world in which they can fully live in and express themselves as artists + humans. 

Their world and its imagery can be found in the form of hosting multi-media art events through out the Los Angeles area; as well as musical expression.

Their music uses poetic techniques Amanda has studied since she was 9 + Dane's prowess as a multi-instrumentalist, forming songs that speak to the political and social activism reminiscent of Laurel Canyon in the 60's. 




Ritualgold is the fine jewelry collection of Amanda Espy. Using skills she has obtained over 8 years of study, metal is hand-poured, hand-carved, and soldered/bench-worked by the artist. 

The work is inspired by nature hikes Amanda would take as a child with her grandfather. On those hikes, she would collect various flora, and bits of stone and bone that fascinated her. The hobby of a child turned into a woman who desired to create wearable metal heirlooms of the objects she loved from the earth. These pieces were made to be carried on the skin, as reminders of the earth, and to visually elicit story sharing. 

Her current collection "Soil to Skin" is inspired by the movement of farmers and chefs across the world, and very specifically Los Angeles, who go to the market weekly and feed their guests with food from local soil. It is inspired by seeds, bones, thorns, and leaves. It is for those who walk the aisles of the market and are fascinated with the colors, textures, and imaginings of taste.



Foxtrails crossed paths over the last few years, musicians drawn together, landing as roommates in a house on Zanja St. in Venice, California. 

Originally formed around a few core songs written by Blake McLeod and developed along with the collective of multi-instrumentalists, Dane Sandborg, Micah Sohl, Michael Brenner and Cory Yamashiro; together they transformed the tunes into a hybrid of indie-inspired refrains and ambient instrumental sojourns which come together to make up their debut self-titled LP due out this spring.

Motivated by nature, the ups and downs of its relation to modern life as well as acts like Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, James Blake and Flying Lotus and other experts behind the melding of analog and digital textures, Foxtrails’ drive is to do just that, while creating a space for like-minded people to share in their creations with them.